Air Wick Aoud Passions Glowing Candle Precious Sandalwood & French Rose 155g

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Glowing Candle

Warm your home and calm your mind with the scent of Air Wick Precious Sandalwood & French Rose Candle. When lit, this colour changing candle will emit an ambient glow while gently filling your room with a tranquil fragrance. All the while, this beautiful candle will softly change colour and create an intriguing atmosphere as the light shines through the design window. The attractive, glass holders make a beautiful addition to any room, and can be recycled or re-used once the candle has burned down. Within seconds of lighting, the scent will be released and the candle will begin changing colours, which lasts for up to 30 hours.

Sets a Serene Mood

To bring a serenity into your home place the Air Wick Candle on a flat, heatproof surface and light. Air Wick fragranced candles are specially designed to bring a warm and inviting ambiance into your home. Available in a wide range of festive fragrances these delightfully scented candles enable you to set the perfect mood for any occasion

Decorative Glass Glow

Once lit, a soft and tranquil glow illuminates through the wax, the glow then gently changes colour. By softly shining through the design window, it creates a captivating atmosphere.